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Wide Range of Brass Precision Products

Product Specification

Special Features :
  • ▪Neutral Links Neutral Bars Heavy Duty Terminal Blocks
  • ▪Modular Neutral Links Neutral Bars Terminal Block
  • ▪Pluggable Terminal Block
  • ▪Power Blocks Neutral Links Neutral Bars Terminal Block
  • ▪Printed Circuit Board Terminal Block
  • ▪Regular Duty Terminal Block Neutral Links Neutral Bars
  • ▪Threads as per International Go & Not Go Standards.
  • ▪Deep Groove for maximum Pull Out Resistance.
  • ▪Inner Diameter (I/D) after Threads with very close tolerance to prevent unnecessary flush or burn to enter into part.

Typical Application :
  • Manufacturing all kind of brass terminal block or part component with heavy, small and medium size for electronics, power house, PCB series, Pluggable Series, Screw less Series, Multi - purpose Series, Feed Through Series, Din rail and Fuse Series, Barrier Series, switch gear,

  • Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I)
  • Free Cutting Brass as per BS 249 Type (I)
  • High Grade Free Cutting Brass
  • Any Special Brass Material Composition as per customer's requirement

  • ISO Metric (MM Threads)
  • BA Threads
  • BSW Threads
  • UNC & UNF Threads
  • DIN Standard

Length/Size As per Specifications or custom designs

Finish And Coating Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated, Gold plated, silver plated, chrome plated or any coating as per customer specification.

Packaging As per customers specification or standard export packaging.

Certified Product

Estabilished since 1981, Canary Brass Industries is an TUV NABCB, D&B, ROHS, CE & ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. Canary Brass Industries having more than 37 years of vast experience in manufacturing and exporting presicion brass quality components in Jamnagar Gujarat- India.


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Conformité Européene

ISO 9001:2008

Standard Packaging

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